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The Best of:

Berger In The Whirl


By: Jerry Berger






(L) MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder
(R) Susan Montee





K.C. Star Endorses Kinder, Montee; Lager “No” 



The twinkly Kansas City Star beats our Post-Dispatch to the punch in endorsements for the August 7 primary elections.

Founder William Rockhill Nelson’s cowtown daily anoints Dave Spence of our town over Bill Randles of KC in the GOP primary for governor, while incumbent Democrat Jay Nixon, already the prohibitive favorite this November, gets a back pat for a second term.

The Star endorses rural state Senator Bill Stouffer over moneybags Rex Sinquefield’s puppet Shane Shoeller for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. The writers at KC’s 18th and Grand brick tower cited Stouffer’s obvious sense of humor, with his campaign ad featuring his bloodhound Duke.

The Star prefers Democrat and KC state Rep. Jason Kander to succeed the retiring SOS Robin Carnahan, however. In the lieutenant governor’s race, the endorsement went to Susan Montee on the Democratic side…

On the Republican side, the blessing goes to incumbent Guv Peter Kinder. For The Star, the obscene amounts of money poured into opponent Brad Lager’s campaign by Rex Sinquefield and other rich right-wingers was just too much: “Rex Sinquefield, the St. Louis investment banker who wants to promote school vouchers and eliminate the state income tax, recently gave Lager $380,000.

And though Lager has irresponsibly called for a special session so that Missouri can “opt out” of its responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act, he works for Cerner Corp. and received $100,000 from Jeanne Patterson, wife of Cerner chief executive Neal Patterson.” The question, as with the Post-Dispatch, is whether the endorsements wind up helping or hurting.

LAS VEGAS LAGER: The colyumnist had no idea conservative outstate Missouri Senator Brad Lager was such a fun-loving swinger! One does have to wonder how Lager squares his self-proclaimed “Missouri values” with owning a Las Vegas timeshare condo?

A sharp-eyed observer notes the fine print of Lager’s financial paperwork, filed with the state under penalty of perjury, includes ownership of a two-bedroom timeshare condo sold by Eldorado Resorts Corp. in Clark County, Nevada. The paperwork lists an address for the condo on Las Vegas Boulevard South in Sin City.

Lager is touting his conservative credentials as he challenges incumbent Peter Kinder in the Republican primary for lieutenant governor.

Friday night’s summer Olympics opening was the highest rated in that category in television history. The broadcast averaged 40.7 million viewers, topping the 1996 Atlanta games which averaged 39.8 million and the Beijing contests at 34.9 million.